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Gear coupling

Gear coupling

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Types of Full gear coupling
specification All products
Ingredients Carbon steel Ck45 (AISI 1040).High alloy steel for higher torque, such as 42CrMo4QT
Usage/application Industrial application
Exterior standard
Shape cylinder
weight According to size and type
power supply high
Maximum aperture As required
The largest.Torque 300 Nm-1000000 Nm (depending on size and type)
Aperture 1 mm to 1,130 mm+ (depending on size and type)
design standard
Drum diameter According to size and type
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu high
temperature high
Number of teeth According to size and type
Tensile strength Mpa According to size and type
Tooth width mm According to size and type
I trade New only

Gear couplings are used to connect two rotating shafts to effectively transmit mechanical power.The full gear flexible gear coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, two identical flange sleeves with internal teeth, a washer, a set of bolts, nuts and spring washers, a lubricating plug and two on the hub The oil/grease maintains the O-ring composition.Use special machines, fixtures, fixtures, tools and measuring tools to test raw materials through precision manufacturing processes and undergo continuous inspections.
The design and manufacture of gear couplings can adapt to angular, parallel and axial misalignment.The standard coupling provides up to plus/minus 1.5 degree angular misalignment capability.
The main function
High power-to-weight ratio.
Compact assembly.
Adapt to angular, parallel and axial misalignment.
Larger hole capacity.
Crown gear teeth have a longer service life.
Less recoil error.
Heat treatment according to application.
Generally used up to 120°C.
Close tolerance connecting bolts.
Range of flexible coupling
Full gear coupling.
Half gear semi-rigid coupling.
Couplings for mill electromechanical models.
Brake drum gear coupling.
Interval gear coupling.
Brake disc gear coupling.
Shear pin gear coupling.
Sliding gear coupling.
Vertical gear coupling.
Single set of gear couplings.
Floating shaft gear coupling.
Limited end floating gear coupling.
Torque shaft gear coupling.

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