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Pin and tapered ring with CI tapered sleeve type

Industry pioneer, we provide pins and tapered rings from America.

  • Pins and tapered rings
  • Pins and tapered rings
Pins and tapered rings
Usage/application Industrial application
Ingredients Cast iron, natural rubber, steel C40
specification PB 8 to 1200
type of packaging Gift box
speed Up to 7800 RPM
tolerance standard
machining high
Diameter Hole diameter up to 500 mm, outer diameter up to 1200 mm
Material grade Cast iron DIN 1693 GG20/25, nitrile rubber ASTM D2000 710, steel C40 EN/DIN 10263-2

Pin and cone ring with CI cone sleeve type (URCT)

The main function
  • High torque capacity, small size and light weight
  • Simple mechanism, it is easy to check and replace the flexible cone ring without moving the shaft or hub of the coupling.
  • The design is simple, and the assembly and disassembly are very easy.
  • Insignificant operating costs
  • Range up to 4308 Nm torque rating
  • Maximum speed RPM range: 1280 – 4000
  • KW rating in the range of 100 RPM: 3.0 – 167

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