Professional super shake fit massage machine flexible shaft ,slim beauty fitness massager flexible shaft

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Jiangsu, China
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High-powered soft shaft of extracorporeal sputum extractor

Our company’s main products are: the soft-core variety wire rope hose soft-shaft assembly manipulation ofsoft-warming breeze manipulating cables pushing cable car multifunctional hand brake.

The wire rope hose soft-shaft USES high quality 72A steel.The surface of protective sleeve adopts low temperature resistance and environmental protection PVC.

Product Description

Product Name

Vibrating Body Massager MachineFlexible Shaft Type Flexible Shaft Shank 6+16 Length 1800mm Category Tansmission flexible shaft Application Extracorporeal sputum extractor Package Included


Can be customized according to customer requirements

Transmission and high-torque shaftsPower transmission in machines (e.g. for grinding, drilling, and milling machines, packaging machines, printing presses). Also ideal for trimmers, concrete vibrators, etc

The end is made of high strength aluminum alloy.The outer layer of the pipe is covered with environment-friendly PVC.

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1.Howdoyoudesigna Flexible flexible shaft ?

Ofcourse,wehavetoknowyourapplicationfirstlyandanumberoffactorshavetobeconsidered,suchasworkload,safetyabrasion,environment,cyclelife,flexibility,cost,Whenwedesignthe flexible shaft cable.





Yes.Weareaprofessionalmanufacturerof flexible shaft cable with 18 yearsproducingexperienceinChina.Wehavealwaysbeencooperatingwithdomesticandoverseascustomers andpartnerswiththefirst-classqualityandservicetomakegreatachievements.Ifthisisyourfirsttimetocontactus,pleasetrustus,we’llnotletyoudown.

4. What’s the lead time of my order?

It was largely depend on the size of your order .normally ,15days . if you are in urgent need of it ,we will try my best to met your requirement.

5:Can we laser our own logo?

Yes ,we can laser logo for you freely .

6:What is the quality of your products guarantee ?

We have passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification .100% inspection before shipment by micrometer . projector measuring machine ,etc .

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