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A well-known and leading wholesaler from Chicago, we provide NLS centrifugal clutches.

NLS centrifugal clutch
NLS centrifugal clutch

TB Wood's NLS® centrifugal clutch can reduce motor acceleration time and power requirements in various power transmission applications. NLS clutch provides low initial starting torque, can provide soft start and reduce starting current.Since the motor reaches the operating speed almost immediately, the motor current and motor heating are reduced.

NLS centrifugal clutch product features
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Cushion pad for high inertia starting load
  • No slippage at running speed
  • No-load start
  • Damping shock starts
  • System overload protection
Technical product data
  • Please refer to the G1 part of the clutch catalog (P-1692)

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